07 December 2010

...modbsession: vintage scarves...

I'm loving the turban trend that has hit us the past few months. And maybe I'm a little late to get on it, but that's not going to stop me from completely obsessing over it.

One of my fave go-to fashion sites is The Glamourai. The lovely Kelly is not only adorably fashionable, but so accessible. I really think she is the kind of person that wants you to be the best fashionista you can be.

A perfect example of her do-goodery in the fashion world is her Turban Tying Tutorial [which was even shared on nytimes.com!]

Don't get me wrong, I've been obsessed with vintage scarves for years, but I love that with a new season comes a new twist, literally.

Unfortunately, my awkward medium-length hair doesn't do the turban justice, so I've been playing around with other styles of headwraps—trying to include large bows whenever possible. Fun!

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