05 April 2012

Leather Wing Necklace

...love these as friendship necklaces...

02 March 2011

...modbession: air plants to the bones...

Just adore the mix of life and death with these beautifully juxtaposing air plant displays:

Via Brooklyn-based EarthSeaWarrior.

07 December 2010

...Best of: Holiday Gifts...

For the Natural Hipster:

Vers Clock/Radio/iPod Player:

Vers, in addition to their stylish design and function, is a very socially- and environmentally-responsible company.
As with all of our wood sound systems and accessories, for every tree we use in production, we plant 100 through our long-time partnership with the Arbor Day Foundation.
Reclaimed Wood Bike Rack: Cantilever and Press, etsy

this wall mounted bike-frame rack is made of reclaimed wood and end-cuts, utilizing scrap materials to make something functional. the wood for this rack remains "raw" meaning it is unfinished or has the same finish it began with when it was reclaimed. all racks are custom made and will appear differently.
For the Victorian-inspired Interior Designer:

I absolutely love and am inspired by the etsy seller, Uncommon.

Doily Coasters, Uncommon, etsy

Victorienne Clock, Uncommon, etsy

...modbsession: vintage scarves...

I'm loving the turban trend that has hit us the past few months. And maybe I'm a little late to get on it, but that's not going to stop me from completely obsessing over it.

One of my fave go-to fashion sites is The Glamourai. The lovely Kelly is not only adorably fashionable, but so accessible. I really think she is the kind of person that wants you to be the best fashionista you can be.

A perfect example of her do-goodery in the fashion world is her Turban Tying Tutorial [which was even shared on nytimes.com!]

Don't get me wrong, I've been obsessed with vintage scarves for years, but I love that with a new season comes a new twist, literally.

Unfortunately, my awkward medium-length hair doesn't do the turban justice, so I've been playing around with other styles of headwraps—trying to include large bows whenever possible. Fun!

16 July 2010

...modbsession: burlap...

...it just hit me one day, my obsession with burlap, and now i'm (finally) inspired to get crackin' on some diy projects. don't worry, i'm finding ways to make burlap adorably girlie. yep, i'm convinced it's not only possible, but a great material to decorate for summer.

here's two burlap diy projects i'm hoping to conquer this weekend. enjoy.
easy diy painted burlap patio rug

simply beautiful handmade pillows via etsy:

28 June 2010

...urban gardening...

with summer in full swing, it's been a treat to chomp on fresh veggies straight from the garden. not just for hippies anymore, i've enjoyed building and growing my balcony garden with a variety of produce from spinach, arugula, cucumbers and snap peas to strawberries, blueberries, and tomatoes. it seems that no one knows how easy it really is to have a personal garden even in urban settings.

not only are these rooftop gardens and living roofs amazing, it's taking advantage of open or unused space. these lovely ideas came from one of my favorite sites, re-nest—creating amazing design by reusing old or vintage materials.

05 March 2010

...modbsession: terrariums. love life in a little jar...

i'm always on the lookout for new design and decorating ideas. i've recently (okay fine, it's been seven months) moved into a new modern-esque loft and only want to decorate if it's going to look fabulous. so you can see why it's taken some time.

but when i came across these lovely terrariums, i just couldn't resist. feels like spring outside and can't wait to make this my weekend project. i love the idea of having an assortment of jars/vases in an assortment of sizes.

here are a few of my faves. enjoy.